• Notice of Meeting 2015

    Notice of Meeting 2015

    Downloadable: Notice of Meeting This Years Account The House Rules Resident Council Statutes

  • Painting the music room

    Painting the music room

    We are getting closer and closer to finishing up the music-room. At the moment we have an enthusiastic art student from our dormitory, painting the back wall. :-)

  • Opening the dormitory bar: Krostuen

    Opening the dormitory bar: Krostuen

    Hey Guys! As some of you might have heard, we are planning to open our bar - KROSTUEN (yes, we have a bar under inspector's office). We will try to keep everyone updated about [...]

Welcome to the homepage of DKIK.

The International Dormitory of Denmark has 512 rooms, which are distributed in 16 different blocks. In each block there are 24 single rooms and 4 apartments with kitchens. All rooms have private bath / toilet. There are 2 living rooms and 2 kitchens in each block, which can be used by the single rooms. Between the blocks are closed gardens, 1 garden for 2 blocks. Behind the college is a parking lot with plenty of parking-space.

Just next to the college is a lake with birds and fishes, and just on the other side of the lake are the library and the music theater. There are several supermarkets and other shops within 10 minutes walking.

More than 60% of Albertslund is forest and green areas, means it is a very good place for outside activities.

You can walk to the station in less than 10 minutes, and ride to Copenhagen central station in about 20 minutes, the S-Train normally runs every 10 minutes.