Danmarks Internationale Kollegium was built in 1972 in modernist style inspired by Le Corbusier’s idea of garden city. The 16 concrete blocks provide housing for 512 residents. It has 16 blocks on 2 floors. There are a total of 384 rooms of 13 m2 (each one with private bathroom) with shared kitchens* (one kitchen is shared among 12 rooms) and 64 two-bedroom apartments with private kitchens of 35 m2. Living here you have access to a music room, gym, bar and sauna. During summer you can chill out in one of the gardens in between the blocks or play at the soccer field.

*All the kitchens at the dormitory will be renovated starting from June until autumn/winter 2019.

Cats are allowed at the kollegium but dogs are not allowed. It’s also not allowed to have children living at the kollegium.

In most of the kitchens there are no shared equipment (e.g. no shared plates, cutlery or pots, neither electric kettle or toaster). The only things you can always access in the kitchen are: fridge, freezer, microwave, oven, stove, and sink.

The kollegium is located close to Albertslund S-train station and concert venue Forbrændingen (where you can also find a climbing wall and bouldering). There is supermarket Aldi and a bakery just off the train station and a little bit further away fruit and vegetables shop Bonita with exotic products. There are also supermarkets Føtex, Kvickly, and Netto. The Albertslund municipality (Rådhus) is close by, and so is the cinema and the library.

At our kollegium, the rooms are renovated each time at the start of the rental period, which guarantees that when you move in, your room is freshly painted. However, you have to pay the rent for the renovation period, which is at the beginning of your rental period, in other words you can move in only two weeks after the start of the rental period. On the other hand, you can stay in the room until the last day of your termination period, as the new tenant pays rent during the renovation period.

Each room has: one window with window blind, heater, 7 electric plugs, one ceiling plug, antenna- and LAN plug. In the entrance you find two built-in wardrobes, a ceiling lamp, and in some rooms a door between the entrance and the room. The bathroom has a sliding door, toilet, sink, cupboard over the sink, mirror, shower, and shower curtain.

  • Room view from window

Take note that half of the single rooms look like this, while the other half is mirrored