At the kollegium there is a resident council that consist of up to 13 members. Our main job is to ensure the residents of the kollegium have influence on the kollegium’s operation, maintenance, improvements and economy, including the size of the rent. We are also taking care of this website. Furthermore we need to seek to ensure that the kollegium is an attractive place for young people to stay during their studies, and ensure that the dormitory’s house rules are observed on behalf of the board.

Members of the council

Chairman: Sara Frederiksen Garbul, 5Ø
Vice-Chairman: Sebastian Enache, 6Ø

Regular council members:
Søren Hansen, 3V
Matias Hjort Kleffel, 4Ø
Cosmin Daniel Conoro 6Ø
Faysal Hirad, 4V
Roberts Taujenis, 3Ø
Amalie Heilmann 4Ø
Shabana Haydar 4Ø