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Surrounding facilities (shopping center, bars, cinema, musical theater, library, civic service)

Danmarks Internationale Kollegium offers a variety of free facilities, amongst others; a well-equipped gym, a billiard table, darts, table tennis, a foosball table, a combined soccer and basketball court and a bar. Neighboring Danmarks Internationale Kollegium is Forbrændingen  , a community driven concert venue that also offers a rock climbing wall. Close by there is also the local cinema, the public library and Albertslund outdoor shopping center.

Newly renovated, 50 years with small community but close to town.

Danmarks Internationale Kollegium consists of 16 identical blocks, housing up to 512 residents. Each block consists of 24 single rooms of 13m2 with private bathrooms and shared kitchen, and 4 double rooms of 35 m2 with private bathroom and kitchen. Each block has two identical kitchens, shared by up to 12 residents from the single rooms.

Every two residents share a fridge, while every resident has their own freezer compartment and large cupboard. The kitchen offers two full-size stoves with ovens as well as two sinks. The rooms are divided evenly between ground- and first floor. The ground floor offers a door out to the garden or green area and the first floor has a large French-Balcony style window.

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