At DIK Kollegium, we have a laundry area, in which you can wash, spin and dry your clothes. We have 8 washing-machines and 5 tumble-dryers available. The prices for using the washing-machines are 12 DKK per load, and for the tumble-dryers it is 4 DKK per 10 minutes. We also have 2 centrifuges that can spin your clothes dry, that are completely free to use.
How to get started using the laundry area:

First you need to transfer money into your laundry-account in advance. If you received your username & password for the laundry-account when you moved in, then continue to the next step, if you didn’t then you need to do this:
First you need to go to the laundry and put your room-chip up to the screen, which will log you in. You can check your username & 4-digit password from there. 
Next you connect to (Press the flag icon for additional languages) or get the Android or iPhone app called “EasyLaundry”.

To log in use:
“Housing Society / Forening” → dik
“Location no / Afdeling” → 216
Now you have logged into our Kollegium, then you need to log into your personal laundry-account from there. To do this press login:
Username → use your room number
Password → XXXX 
(OBS your login information is your assigned username and a 4 digit code, which you got from either the moving-in papers or from the computer screen at the laundry mentioned earlier)

If you forget your password, you are able to see your login-information at the laundry room. Put your chip on the screen and press my account and your password will show.
For further help with login, use of the laundry-screen, adding money to your account, etc., you can refer to either the laundry website or app, where you can find guides to help you.

Reminder: when you move out any amount below 100 DKK left on your account will not be refunded. Therefore, make sure your account goes to 0 DKK when moving out.

In case you have any problems or questions feel free to send a mail to: