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Danmarks Internationale Kollegium


Stuff you can do by yourself instead of contacting the inspector.


Take a look at our facilities that we provide, mostly free. Just as fitness, table tennis and more

Danmarks Internationale Kollegium was built in 1972 in modernist style inspired by Le Corbusier’s idea of garden city. The 16 concrete blocks provide housing for 512 residents. It has 16 blocks on 2 floors. There are a total of 384 rooms of 13 m(each one with private bathroom) with shared kitchens (one kitchen is shared among 12 rooms) and 64 two-bedroom apartments with private kitchens of 35 m2. Living here you have access to a music room, gym, bar and sauna. During summer, you can chill out in one of the gardens in between the blocks or play at the soccer field.




Rent (single rooms)



The dorm is close to Albertslund station, concert venue Forbrændingen, where you can also find a climbing wall and bouldering, and are furthermore located right next the Albertslund Centrum, where you find multiple supermarkets, local stores, the library, and the cinema.

The dormitory is only a short walk from Albertslund st.

Applying for residency

Applying is done through Kollegiernes Kontor i København (KKIK). It’s free to apply, but you do need to uploud valid studentdocumentation in your application upon applying. If you don’t upload valid documentation as soon as you make your application, your application will be deleted.

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