Facilities with a focus on a strong community

At Danmarks Internationale Kollegium, we prioritise not only housing, but also the facilities that form the basis for a strong and cohesive community across the student halls.

DIK is proud to offer a range of facilities that are not only places to carry out daily activities, but which also provide the settings for building relationships and strengthening community.

Our facilities

Make everyday life more fun

These facilities were not just created for personal enjoyment, but to encourage and invite everyone to come together, share experiences and form bonds across interests.

Forbrændingen - the nearest event destination

Make room for new adventures

The student hall has more than just internal facilities for its residents to enjoy. We’re also fortunate to be located close to Forbrændingen, a concert venue that not only offers music experiences but also a climbing wall. It’s an additional incentive to explore the world outside of DIK and strengthen connections with your friends.

At Danmarks Internationale Kollegium, facilities serve as more than just spaces and tools: they are bridges between people and occasions to create lasting memories. Seize the chance to immerse yourself in a vibrant community and experience adventures that begin right outside your door. If you have ideas on how we can have even better facilities and events, you can always either join or contact the resident council.