Resident council

Make a difference in your home

Are you ready to be part of something big? Then the resident council is waiting for you. We are an association of enthusiastic residents from different blocks of the student hall who work together to make our neighbourhood even better. Want to join us?

What is the DIK Resident Council?

Join the community

The Resident Council is not just an organisation: it’s a community of dedicated residents who come together to represent and improve the lives of all of us at DIK.

We act as your voice in relations with property management and the KKIK administrator, and we are always looking for new members who want to help shape our community.

Why should you join?

Use your voice

How do you become a member?

It’s really quite simple.

Get in touch with the DIK Facebook group administrator and participate in our next Resident Meeting. At the meeting, you can officially become a member of the Resident Council and help shape the future of the student hall.

The meetings are very cosy and informal and take place approximately 3-4 times a year. Let’s work together to make life at Danmarks Internationale Kollegium even better. We can’t do it without you.