The student hall

Welcome to Danmarks Internationale Kollegium

Danmarks Internationale Kollegium is currently home to more than 550 students from all over the world. We have a unique community that spans cultures, countries and traditions, and it’s something that we’re very proud of. Here there is room to be who you are and be part of a home where we accommodate each other and create an inclusive atmosphere. The student hall was founded in 1972 and, over the years, it has housed many students and witnessed many parties and friendships across cultures, and it is our most important task to carry on this tradition.


When you move in, we’re here to give you a warm welcome. We’re committed to making you feel at home and ready for a new chapter in your life. One of the first things you’ll do is get a thorough tour and be shown how to use our various facilities. We ensure that you quickly become a part of life here, know who to go to, and how to organise practical things like doing laundry. Here, we always help each other, and it’s important for us to create the optimal setting for student hall living with everything that it entails.

Scenic surroundings in Albertslund and excellent facilities

Discover the town and nearby nature

The student hall is located in Albertslund, putting you close to shopping and transport so you can quickly get your daily life organised. Many of our students study in and around Copenhagen, so we know it’s important to be able to quickly hop on a bus, train or Metro. If you’re up for it, you can also cycle the route in around 45 minutes.


The student hall is located in beautiful surroundings, close to nature and a lake. If you need to step back, go for a walk and collect your thoughts, you’ll have the best possible surroundings to do it with nature close by. In addition, we have facilities available for everyone to use and which can encourage shared activities. We have a gym, party rooms, billiards, table tennis and much, much more.

A community that makes sense

Become part of something bigger

At Danmarks Internationale Kollegium, our community provides the framework for the student hall experience. There are people here who come from all over the world and from different programmes. Regardless of background and education, the community should make living here a pleasure, and we are constantly finding new, exciting opportunities to organise cool events that make this possible. We have a resident council that everyone can join and contribute to with new ideas and initiatives, ensuring that events are created by residents and for residents.


If you’re a current or future resident and have questions about the student hall, we’re here to answer them. We respond to all enquiries as quickly as possible, because we know that this helps to create a comfortable atmosphere. We look forward to hearing from you, and to welcoming you to Danmarks Internationale Kollegium.