Is there something you need an answer to?

Then you can find it here. However, if you do not get an answer to exactly what you stand for, you can always write to dik@kollegierneskontor.dk

When you move into a property under the A scheme, you will be given the keys to a normally refurbished property including the necessary painting of walls and ceilings. However, you will be partially responsible for maintenance while you are living in the property. If any issues or damage occur along the way, it is crucial to contact DIK as soon as possible.

When moving out, the costs for normal refurbishment are shared between the person moving out and the student accommodation, depending on the length of stay. Paint costs are amortised over 4 years, resulting in lower costs the longer you live here.

Holes in walls caused by nails and screws, especially with extensive installations such as TVs or shelving, are considered the responsibility of the tenant. Lack of ventilation and cleaning is also considered the tenant’s responsibility, and the landlord will carry out normal repairs upon vacating, including painting walls, ceilings and woodwork.

The refurbishment is depreciated over 4 years, which means that the costs are divided as a percentage between tenant and landlord depending on the length of stay. Responsibility for maintenance ensures that the unit is maintained without unnecessary deterioration, except for normal wear and tear.

Waste must be sorted into eight categories – residual waste, food waste, glass, plastic/food and drink cartons, cardboard, paper, metal and textiles. It is the residents’ own responsibility to empty all categories from the kitchens into the larger underground containers, which are located in three locations towards the railway line.

If your shower drain is blocked, you’ll need to clean it yourself. You can find a guide here.

Drain in the sink: If your sink drain is blocked, always contact the office by email: dik@kollegierneskontor.dk and we will come and clean it.

There is a resident council that works on a voluntary basis and is elected by the residents. You pay toward the resident council every month. The resident council holds regular meetings where you can make your voice heard and make suggestions for purchases and improvements to the student hall. You can read more about it here.

If you need to contact the resident council, send them an email: Dik.albertslund.council@gmail.com

The residents themselves are responsible for organising cleaning in the blocks. The resident council has provided vacuum cleaners for all blocks. All residents are responsible for vacuuming in front of their own door and the nearest staircase. New vacuum bags can be picked up at the property manager’s office during office hours.

Do not place items in the corridors such as sofas, tables, beds or other furniture with flammable material as the corridors are fire escape routes and must be kept passable. Common areas must also be kept free of laundry, drying racks, etc., or other flammable items. Hallways and common areas must also be vacuumed regularly by all residents.

Bikes must be left in the bike racks outside. Bike racks are located by the kitchens at the end of the blocks and between the blocks.

If you have a Danish phone number, you can have it linked to the door phone. If the door phone rings, the call is forwarded to your mobile phone. Send your room number and phone number to dik@kollegierneskontor.dk to register.

It is not allowed to have a fridge, kettle or other power-consuming items in the room, as the electrical installations cannot handle it. This does not apply to two-bedroom flats that have their own electrical panel.

Please note that all room residents are to use the facilities in the communal kitchens.

The student hall has a shared Facebook group, which we recommend joining and leaving the group when you move.

DIK Resident Council ALBERTSLUND https://www.facebook.com/groups/465418806863873/

There is also a Facebook group for each block. You can find the link on the notice board in the communal kitchens. The property manager will post under this name, but will not respond to this media. Instead, you can send an email or view the property manager’s post here.

In the unlikely event that there is something to report, you must always fill out the link to the defect list and submit it with photos within 14 days of moving in.

There is a gym in the building by the property manager’s office. The gym may only be used by residents of the student hall. Visitors and children are not allowed.

According to the Danish fire authorities, it is not allowed to have anything on ledges in common areas or corridors, as these are considered escape routes. It is very important to comply with this regulation.

It’s always a good idea to take out home contents insurance. And it’s your responsibility to do so.

Termination of the lease is done on the KKIK website.

The room/flat must be emptied and cleaned. Clean the fridge and freezer drawer and vacuum in front of your door and the nearest staircase. Do not leave anything in the corridor or common areas. If you want to give something away, agree in advance who gets it or who throws it away after a short period of time. Furniture, etc., that you are not taking with you can be left at the container islands. You will need to carry it yourself to the islands behind the blocks by the railway.

You are only allowed to sublet your room/flat if it is because you are taking a semester abroad or are so far away that you cannot commute. This must be documented and then approved by KKIK. Send an email to administrator Janne Høegh at jh@kollegierneskontor.dk.

Subletting for less than 3 months will not be approved. Subletting without authorisation from KKIK will result in termination of the lease.

The residents themselves are responsible for cleaning the communal kitchens. Individuals are responsible for cleaning up after cooking. Wipe down the cooker, sink and worktops and dispose of waste in the respective bins.

Pouring cooking grease/oil into the sink is strictly forbidden. If it can be proven which resident is pouring grease/oil down the sink, all sewerage service costs will be charged to the resident and they will receive a warning for non-compliance.

You can have one overnight guest over a weekend (Fri-Sun), but not on weekdays. You can have one overnight guest – no visiting parents or multiple friends at the same time.

Guests are not allowed in the student accommodation unless the tenant is at home.

Guests are not allowed to be alone in a communal kitchen.

These house rules were adopted at the residents’ meeting on 16/03/2008, updated on 6/3/2022 by the resident council and adopted at the resident meeting on 06/03/2022.

Section 1. Violation of house rules

Any violation of the following rules may result in a warning/complaint, termination of employment or termination of the contract.

Section 2. General behaviour

In their activities in the student hall, including Krostuen and the common building, residents must respect the framework required by consideration of the other residents and the proper condition of the student hall.

                      (2) Residents are responsible for the behaviour of their visitors/guests.

                      (3) Racism: Any resident can have their lease terminated if they are caught painting hate speech/slogan in the common areas, indoors or outdoors, or distributing propaganda of the nature referred to in Section 266(B) of the Danish Criminal Code: Hate speech is described as public statements or statements to be disseminated to a larger group of people which threaten, taunt or degrade a group of people on grounds of race, skin colour, national or ethnic origin, religious orientation, disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or sex characteristics. Persons convicted of hate speech are liable to a fine or imprisonment of up to two years.

Section 3. Cleaning and sanitation

Residents are responsible for cleaning the kitchen, corridors and other common areas. This also applies to residents who do not use the common areas. Representatives from the ad hoc committee set a fixed cleaning schedule that all residents of the block are required to follow and participate in on an equal footing. If a resident does not follow the schedule, representatives from the ad hoc committee or another resident can complain to the resident council.

                      (2) Every resident is at all times required to sort their waste as described in the guidelines issued by the municipality.

Section 4. Noise

Quiet hours must be observed after 22:00 from Sunday to Thursday, and after 00:00 (midnight) on Friday and Saturday. Fellow residents’ right to peace and quiet for studying or for sleeping during the night must always be respected. If a resident cannot reach a reasonable solution to the problem with a noisy fellow resident by making friendly requests, a complaint can be filed.

                      (2) Events held in private areas, private rooms and flats must not disturb other residents.

Section 5. Damage

Damage caused by residents or their guests to the student hall’s buildings or furnishings is the responsibility of the residents in question.

Section 6. Pets

Pets should not be a nuisance to other people. The owner is liable for any damage caused by their pets.

                      (2) Dogs or other large pets are not allowed

                      (3) Only one cat is allowed per room. This cat must be neutered/spayed and ear-tagged. The cat must be kept in the resident’s room and is not permitted in the common areas.

                      (4) Faeces, etc., from pets must be removed immediately from any external common areas and properly disposed.

                      (5) The cat must always wear a collar or similar identification with a clear indication of the owner’s room number.

Section 7. Personal belongings

It is not permitted to leave personal belongings outside your own rental property. They will be removed, after which they can be collected by contacting the property manager within a 14-day period and upon payment of a set fee of DKK 200. If you do not collect your belongings within 14 days, they will be destroyed. The office is not responsible for your belongings as this is a breach of the fire safety and house rules.

                      (2) It is not permitted to leave any kind of personal items in the communal areas or in front of your own

door. This includes parking bicycles, mopeds and the like, as well as shoes, etc.

Section 8. Paint

Residents may paint the walls and ceiling of their rooms, but the room must – apart from deterioration due to normal wear and tear – be handed over in the same condition as when they moved in, i.e. with the original wall and ceiling colour. Kitchens, hallways and woodwork in rooms may not be painted, nor may wallpaper be hung in the rooms.

Section 9. Right to complain

Any resident can make a justified written complaint about one or more residents to the office and the resident council.

                      (2) Unless there are special circumstances, both parties must be heard before a decision is made.

                      (3) A block/kitchen meeting majority is not necessarily required for a complaint to be recognised.

Section 10. Resolution of complaints

The office can make the decision on behalf of the resident council. The decision can be appealed to the resident council and possibly later to the student hall board. The resident council discusses complaints once a month.

                      (2) If, after receiving one or more complaints, a resident again violates the house rules, the resident council may recommend termination of their lease. The warning expires after one year. This provision does not prevent cancellation under Section 12.

Section 11. Notice of termination

The landlord usually gives 3 months’ notice to terminate a lease, and the tenant gives 6 weeks’ notice to the first of a month.

                      (2) Termination according to these house rules occurs in the event of a less serious breach of the tenant’s obligations than mentioned in

                      (3) Termination also occurs if the eligibility criteria are not met or if the programme has been completed.

Section 12. Termination

In addition to the cases mentioned in Section 10, termination can be made according to these house rules if:

– The house rules have been grossly or repeatedly violated

– The rent is not paid on time.

Section 13. Exemption

It is permitted to exempt from the house rules Section 4, regarding noise, if notice has been given in due time.

                      (2) Events that may cause inconvenience to other residents must be notified at least one week in advance.

                      (3) Events in the common areas of the block may only be organised if a majority of the voiced opinions are not against the event.

                      (4) Large private events in private areas should be announced to the other residents in advance of the event.

Section 14. Smoking

Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas of the student hall. This includes both shared and private areas.

Section 15. Moving out

When moving out, the tenant must ensure that all belongings are removed from the property. According to Section 7, tenants are not allowed to leave belongings in the common areas after moving out.

                      (2) When the tenant vacates the property, all keys must be returned. If the tenant keeps, passes on or loses one or more keys, the tenant is liable for each lost key. If any retained keys are used after moving out, this will be considered theft and misuse and reported to the police.

  • Being part of the community by meeting with your flatmates in the communal kitchens.
  • Join the Facebook group for each block – the information can be found in the communal kitchens
  • Cleaning up after yourself in the communal kitchen
  • Cleaning the communal kitchen together – create a schedule where you take turns
  • Vacuuming in front of your own door and the nearest staircase
  • Vacuuming all common areas together – create a schedule where you take turns
  • Sort all waste into the correct categories in the communal kitchen. If you are unsure, it is residual waste. Help each other carry the waste to the correct underground waste containers
  • Be part of the community through the resident council, attend meetings, get involved and make your voice heard.
  • There is a Facebook group for the entire student hall: https://www.facebook.com/groups/465418806863873/members
  • Maintenance of your own room/flat, including:
    • Wiping floors and tiles after showering
    • Regularly cleaning floor drains in the shower
    • Buying and changing a light bulb if the lights are out in your property
    • Cleaning panels and sockets
    • Don’t make too many holes in the walls and patch them when you move out
    • Help each other keep common areas completely free of:
    • Furniture
    • Bicycles
    • Laundry
    • Items in front of the ventilation
    • Sell your stuff before you move out


    If there’s something in your room that doesn’t work:

    • Cracked toilet seat
    • Water running in the toilet
    • Water running from the tap
    • Broken shower
    • Clogged sink


    Always send an email to dik@kollegierneskontor.dk if you have any doubts. Leave a key in the mailbox at the manager’s office with your name and room number. You can find helpful information and guides to do more things yourself here.

The property manager directs and distributes the work.

  • Answering resident emails
  • Having office hours that allow for in-person attendance
  • Posting various information to all residents on Facebook
  • Paying invoices from external suppliers
  • Making proposals for next year’s budgets within daily operations and maintenance
  • Liaising with external suppliers
  • Obtaining quotes
  • Daily maintenance inside and out
  • Conducting move-in and move-out inspections of all rented properties
  • Planning work locally and with external suppliers
  • Follow-up on the work of external suppliers
  • Drafting procedures
  • Project management, including:
  • Lighting in the gym
  • Lighting in the community centre
  • Outdoor lighting around the entire student hall
  • New bike racks
  • Resident tasks in rented properties

Drafting contracts

  • Collecting rent
  • Sending reminders for late payments
  • Receiving a lease termination
  • Terminating leases in the event of breach
  • All questions regarding the above
  • Study documentation

All official complaints against other residents at Danmarks Internationale Kollegium are handled by the resident council at the International Student Hall in collaboration with the property manager and the administration. Official complaints at Danmarks Internationale Kollegium are handled once a month.

If you have a complaint about another resident, please send the email with the complaint to complaints.dik@gmail.com. Complaints that are handed over to the resident council or the property manager verbally or otherwise in writing will not be processed. Please word your complaint as follows:

  • Recipient: complaints.dik@gmail.com
  • Title: Room number of the person(s) complained about
  • Text: Reason for the complaint, any documentation and your own room number

The office is open on Tuesday between 8:00 – 9:00 and on Thursday between 14:00 – 15:00. You are always welcome to send an to dik@kollegierneskontor.dk if you have any questions.

If you are unsure who to contact, see below:



Resident Council

Lease agreement        

Rent payment

Reletting your room

Internal relocation


Terminating your lease agreement


Daily maintenance

Fault and defect lists    


Complain about a neighbour


If you’ve locked yourself out, contact a locksmith to come and let you in or change your lock. Both are at your own expense.

If you want to paint your room yourself, always contact the office for the correct colour codes.

If you are receiving parcels, remember to write your full address – Vognporten 14 room no. XXX

You can park for free on the student hall grounds provided that you have filled out and handed in the paperwork for registering your own car at the office, along with a copy of the registration certificate. The documents are available on the Resident Council Facebook group and the DIK website.

If you have a car that is not in your own name or you have guests with a car, guest parking must be arranged, which is valid for a maximum of 24 hours. You need to register as an app user. You can then download the DK Mobile Parking app from the app store.

If you have not registered, parking permits are generally available outside the office, which must be filled in with a pen and placed in the windscreen of your car.

If you discover any kind of pests such as bedbugs or cockroaches, it is your duty to inform the office as soon as possible.

If you see a rat, you must report it yourself on the municipality’s website at the link below.

herefter skal du informere kontoret.

If there is suddenly no power in your room or in the communal kitchen, always check if a fuse has blown. There is a technical room in one of the kitchens in all blocks. You can see on the board which fuse needs to be replaced. It is marked with text or the room number and lights up red. There are fuses on top of the electrical cabinet.

The heating is shut off between 1 May – 30 September every year.

To do laundry, you need to deposit money into your laundry account. You can use the guide at http://vasketid.dk

For login: Username => DIK

Location no. => 216

To continue logging in, use the information on the display in the laundry room.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reactivate it with your chip at the laundry room. Tap My Account and your password will appear.

If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to send an email to dik@kollegierneskontor.dk

When you move out of the student hall, amounts under DKK 100 will not be refunded. You must therefore ensure that your account is at zero.

If something is wrong with a washing machine, centrifuge or tumble dryer, it must be reported on the display in the laundry room where you select the machine.

  1. You need a router to get WiFi

  2. Open your browser and go to www.dktv.dk.

  3. You will now
    automatically be taken to the registration page.

  4. Your device is automatically detected. After a few seconds, you’ll get a pop-up window asking you to confirm your address.

  5. After you have confirmed your address, your device (computer/router) will be registered. This will take 1-2 minutes.

  6. Once your computer/router is registered, you will be redirected to www.dktv.dk

  7. You are now online.

  8. If this does not work, please contact DKTV on tel. +45 69 12 12 12 12